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Embossing Seals


Embossing seals
are most commonly used for official documents, certificates and notary proof. They come in several sizes, 1-5/8" (This is the smallest diameter for a seal but smaller imprint can be put on this one) 1-3/4" and 2" (largest). There are two types, hand held and desk style. The Long Reach Heavy-Duty Desk Seal
LR2D is the best seller and the one easiest to use. It has a long arm to press on that gives the best "squeeze" to the paper. This allows this one to emboss somewhat thicker papers. These work best on gold foil star-burst seals. Prices are for standard setup of the information. Seals can be made with logos and special artwork, for an additional charge which is based on the complexity of the design. No shading is possible, only raised or not raised. Also reversing the image, black background with white letters doesn't work on a seal. Single line circle borders will cut the circle out of the paper so they need to be avoided. This is the reason corporate seals have the milled border we so often see and the circle of dots inside that is also very common. 
Submit artwork if you want your seal to have a logo or other artwork. Call with questions, ask for Customer Service 888-606-4579.